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Huskies.DOG is a portal containing most of Bill “WooFDriver” Helman’s husky dog websites. In the links below you will find everything you need to know about how to train, care for, and enjoy your dog.



WooFDriver is the nickname of Bill Helman, an animal advocate and outdoorsman who has devoted his life to dogs. Bill has owned huskies for two decades and has developed his own brand of Urban Mushing, incorporating specialized equipment, one-of-a-kind bikes, and his own sense of fun. He calls this “WooFDriving.” Learn all about Bill, urban mushing, and SO much more at WOOFDRIVER.



HUSKY DOG LOVERS is the site for Husky pictures. It’s the largest collection of Post your adorable, funny,  and dramatic pictures of your dog, see a husky live stream and check out the husky trivia of the week. At HDL you can create, edit and share your own photo album. It’s a great place to see Huskies and have your husky be seen!


Dog-Friendly Trails is your one-stop shop for dog-friendly trails in the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Before you hit the trails with your dogs take a look at the information compiled by Bill “WooFDriver” Helman who has been traveling the northeastern coast searching for dog-friendly trails for over twenty years. Find the best places for hiking, biking, urban mushing, and more with your canine friends. You’ll find well-vetted trails that are wide, include water access for dips or sips, and more. Reader contributions welcome!


From Hollywood to the White House, at FAMOUS HUSKIES you will learn all about notable Huskies from the past thru today. Of course, the WooFDriver believes that in our own eyes, each of our dogs is famous, but what about those dogs you see in the movies? What about the ones who used to sleep at the foot of the president’s bed? In addition to some of those acclaimed pups, find the unique music WooFDriver and his collaborators have written about huskies, and find live action, skits, and animations depicting some of his own pack’s shenanigans.


You won’t find anything like ALL DOG RADIO anywhere else on the internet. ADR is your home for music for and about dogs and the people who love them, available for free, 24 hours a day.

Written and recorded by Bill Helman and his crew of professional musicians, you will find songs–both originals and parodies–about Bill’s experiences as the WooFDriver. You’ll hear music that includes information and advice about training and working and playing with your dogs, songs for relaxation and meditation for you and your pup, comedy skits, spooky music about Bill’s WereWoof adventures, and more!

Huskies wearing cameras at DOG WEARS CAMERA 

At Dog Wears Camera, tag along on the urban mushing adventures of Princess, Zarro, Chase, and Jag, and their human, Bill “WooFDriver” Helman, and vicariously experience the world from the point of view of this loyal pack of husky dogs.

Catch a glimpse of the awesome scenery as the dogs run through historic nature trails up and down the east coast of the USA. Watch them frolic and play in some unusual places. Check out what kind of mischief they can get into when they are free ranging off-leash, mingling with horses and cows. Take notice of how they handle challenging situations they encounter as they venture out into the world. You can even accompany them on a ghost hunt!

Will they run into any wildlife? Spot any ghosts? A new adventure awaits around every bend.


Are you looking for ideas on how to better incorporate your dog into your life? Then you’ll be happy to hear that WooFDriver—the go-to source on huskies—has some ideas! Get suggestions straight from the source. Let WooFDriver’s years of firsthand experience guide you.Anyone at any age can become a dog’s BFF. At DOG BFF you will learn how the WooFDriver became his dogs’ BFF by including them in everything from motorcycle rides to lure coursing and more,  and how YOU can make your dog your BFF, too. How we incorporate our dogs into our everyday life impacts how we relate to them and even to other people. Check it out!


Working with dog breeds that are more closely related personality-wise to their ancestors the wolves, like the Husky, takes a little extra time, patience, and expertise.These dogs can be rugged, prey driven, and seem to live by instinct alone. WOOFWOLF is your home for learning how to live with and learn from a dog who might seem to be a bit more wild!



On HOW TO WOOFDRIVE find everything you need to know whether you are a beginner or expert about dog-powered sports and how to get going! Learn from WooFDRiver, a husky and dog-powered sports expert, about activities, equipment, trails and more.


You might think you have heard of wild and you might think you know some dog trainers, but you have never seen anything like the WooFDriver. Bill “WooFDRiver” Helman has designed his life around adventuring with his dogs. Over the last twenty-plus years, he has merged his love for dogs with his knowledge of technology and passion for the martial arts, to create a doc-centric life. HUSKY DOG EXPERT is for the more experienced husky dog owner. Let Bill’s wealth of knowledge further your understanding of the breed.


A fan page for the WooFDriver’s WooFPak-Princess, Zarro, Chase, and Jag–I LOVE THE WOOFPAK is for all ages, but especially kids. Learn about each of the individual dogs and their personalities, see live videos of the dogs, original music videos, find their book, and even watch animations of the WooFPak Super Heros!



A HUSKY THING is a place to go to see dogs songs written by WooFDriver and parodies (most you will recognize) produced and performed by world-class musicians. Keep your eyes and ears open for the infamous WoofAxx–a custom-designed and made


in the shape of a husky with eyes that light up blue when it’s played!



Love huskies to be happy! LH2BH is for the truly passionate dog owner or adventurer–someone like the WooFDriver. Here you’ll see some of the WooFDriver’s more extreme ventures and outings. Jump into the action, but be prepared because LH2BH is hardcore, meant for only the most intrepid explorers. (LH2BH is password protected bc it’s a  real wild ride, you might need a seatbelt!)


Support your favorite dog organization just by walking your dog! WOOFTRAX WALK FOR A DOG is an app developed, designed, and funded with the help of Bill Helman.  One of his partners has taken it over, but with Bill’s vision in mind, the app is directly supporting shelters and dogs all over.

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